Suitable Age 6+
Number of Participants Maximum 24
Session Length 2 hours
High Ropes Course is a fun and challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity, made up of four activities (two per 2 hour session):

Jacobs Ladder  participants must climb up a giant high ropes ladder of horizontally suspended logs, the challenge comes with the ever-increasing gaps between the rungs. Participants have to effectively communicate with each other, discuss their options, and decide on how to ascend the ladder.
Leap of Faith – participants climb to the top of a 10 metre pole, stand on a small platform before counting to three and putting their faith in themselves as they jump and reach to catch the mid-air suspended trapeze. A great activity where young people can safely take risks and learn from them. Participants are gently encouraged and supported by our qualified Instructors to push their own boundaries as far as they wish, whether that is only a few steps up the pole, half way or all the way to the top and then the leap.
Crate Stacking – participants work together in teams to get their group to build the crates as high as possible by adding crates to the stack without it collapsing. The most successful team will have the highest stack.
Traverse participants navigate a course consisting of climbing poles, rope wires, swinging bridges and ropes swings to complete a challenging high adrenalin course 10 metres off the ground. Great for personal development .