Suitable Age 12+
Number of Participants Maximum 20
Session length 2 hours
Laser Clay Pigeon is a shooting activity that simulates actual clay pigeon shooting, however with the advantage of several shooters being able to participate at the same time. The activity is easy and fun, and does not require any previous experience in shooting. It is perfect for all ages above 12 years, male and female alike. Players use actual shotguns which have been converted to fire harmless infrared light beams. These beams reflect off the clays which are physically fired into the air, and then sent to an electronic scoreboard. Sound effects of a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’, are emitted by the scoreboard.
This activity is ideal for a competitive team building event as it can be made competitive by scoring each shooter, or group of shooters, separately. With different formats of game plays it is not just a try it once type of activity, it is something that groups or individuals can visit time and time again and have a different experience. The activity will be a test of the participants concentration, determination and accuracy.